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Ask an RD: Gloria Tsang: What are the best ways to improve my health in 2015?


Too often, we focus on things we don’t like about ourselves, like our weight or our bad habits. This year, why not make empowering resolutions that help make you a better you without the side of guilt and deprivation?

Resolutions that empower us and make us feel better about ourselves are more likely to last. It’s hard to stick to a resolution that makes you feel bad about yourself every time you think about it. If you focus on resolutions that make you feel powerful and strong—and improve your life at the same time—you’ll be able to accomplish long-term change.

Here my top 5 simple resolutions for a more empowered 2015:

Stop counting calories.
Reclaiming your power over your diet means enjoying each mouthful you eat—impossible when you’re running a mental tally. Resolve instead to slow down, eat with others, and learn to listen to your body’s signals.

Stop buying diet products.
Low-fat, low-cal products remind you you’re “dieting” every time you look at them—and are hugely unsatisfying to eat. Resolve only to eat foods you love—just keep the servings reasonable. On that note…

Learn your portion sizes.
When you know what a balanced meal looks like, you’re ready to eat well in any situation. Resolve to aim for a deck of cards’ worth of protein, a baseball of cooked veggies, and a tennis ball of grains.

Ask for help.
You don’t have to do it all. Resolve to get your family involved in food shopping, prep, and cleanup, and look into local produce delivery services.

Give up the guilt.
Don’t let the occasional take-out meal make you feel like a failure. Just resolve to keep the house stocked with nutritious food so it’s easy to cook a healthy meal whenever you can.

When your resolutions make you feel good instead of guilty, you’re more likely to tell people about them—and once you commit to an action out loud, it’s more likely to stick, all year long.

By Gloria Tsang

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