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Building a Brighter and Healthier Future for Seniors Living in Canada

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The vast majority of seniors living in Canada want to age at home and in the community; however, have limited options for affordable, innovative, accessible and safer homes to move into. Thanks to Réseau Sélection, a Quebec-based company who won the Most Outstanding Vertical Retirement Living Project Award for 2017 for its Sélection Panorama Prestige complex in Laval and the Most Outstanding Senior Rental Housing of 2017 award for Sélection Vaudreuil Signature – seniors living in Canada can have greater access to services, transportation, social connections and active engagement through their innovative design and focus on wellness.

In fact, health is one of the founding principles behind Réseau Sélection’s mission. As an expression of this vision, the company created the H-E-A-L-T-H model, which includes fundamental aspects such as Humour, Environment, Activities, Lifestyle and the Healthy Eating. 

In concrete terms, Réseau Sélection residences apply this program by creating stimulating and dynamic living environments in which technology is everywhere, supporting residents in their daily activities. They also pay special attention to nutrition and ensure that their kitchens serve balanced meals. Additionally, a team of seasoned recreational technicians offer their clients a suitable and diverse program of activities.

What’s also beneficial to seniors living in these award-winning developments is the incorporation of the healthyID®Zone, designed to promote the health and well-being of residents. This initiative supports the company’s vision and drive to create innovative healthcare practices that help retirees maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Healthyid® Zone is a home to several essential health service providers : kinesiologist, naturopath, pharmacy, foot care clinics, gym, osteopaths, medical samplings and nursing care. These zones have been included in the following residences : Le Sélection Laval, Rosemont Les Quartiers, Les Quartiers Des Rivières and Vice Versa Châteauguay.

At Réseau Sélection, they make it a priority to promote healthy living through physical, cognitive and social activities. They also take a preventive approach that focuses on everyday lifestyle choices and offer a wide range of services for their clients such as nursing staff, family doctors, pharmacies, nutritional resources and information sessions and much more.

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