Ageless Living Gym Bag


Versatile and durable, the Ageless Living Gym Bag is the perfect bag for those on the go.


Our gym bag features two zip-up side pockets, great for holding smaller items like water bottles, wallets, keys, and anything you need to keep secure inside your bag. It also has a single, front pouch with an easy velcro seal, for items that you need to access frequently or quickly. The main zipper pocket is large and roomy enough for a change of clothes, gym shoes, even small sports and equipment like resistance bands, ab rollers, grip strengtheners, and small rollable mats.


Sewn double stitched with durable and strong thread to prevent tears on seams and handles. Comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, and also features a velcro seal handle for easy and fast carrying.


Applicable taxes not included