Botox Treatment

When performed by our Ageless Living specialists, BOTOX Cosmetic injections can be one of the simplest and most effective ways to take years off your appearance. At Ageless Living we specialize in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and our Ageless Living specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have about how BOTOX can help you.

BOTOX Cosmetic is an essential piece of today’s anti-aging regimen and is an effective treatment for those looking to get rid of, or even prevent facial lines and wrinkles.

We also offer therapeutic BOTOX treatments for hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration), chronic migraines or headache relief, TMJ syndrome, cervical dystonia (neck stiffness), Bell’s palsy, and blepharospasms (eye twitching).

Results with Botox Treatment:

  • Treatment Types Dietary, hormone balancing
  • Treatment Duration 45minutes
  • Post Treatment Calm, mild discomfort
  • Treatment Intervals Weekly
  • Expect Results 2 months
  • Results Long lasting

Available at the following locations

Long lasting

BOTOX treatments usually take just 10 minutes to perform, and our patients usually experience little to no discomfort. If you are concerned about pain, we can prep the areas with ice or anesthetic cream. We then use a very fine needle to make quick injections into the targeted areas.

After your appointment, you may return to work and resume regular activities immediately, although we will advise you to avoid pressing on treated areas as they will be sensitive at the injection sites.

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