At Ageless Living, we offer two different services, according to your needs: Weight Loss, and Nutrition!

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a direct function of your diet and metabolism. A combined high fat and high carb diet (the typical North American diet) is the most harmful diet for your body’s metabolism. Our body is not equipped to manage large amounts of carbs, mostly processed, in the presence of a large amount of fat. As a result of this diet and our more sedentary lifestyle, the rates of chronic illness, depression, and pain are skyrocketing. There is too much stress, too little sleep, too many chemicals in our environment and on our foods, our diet is highly refined and loaded with simple carbohydrates and inflammatory fats. Our bodies need positive change!


What makes Ageless Living different?

Some of the worst advice you can give someone struggling with weight loss is diet and exercise. Weight loss truly begins when you correct your body’s metabolism.

At Ageless Living, our physician supervised weight loss program, approaches weight loss on an individual-client-basis. From your initial consultation and hormone testing, as well as your nutrition and diet assessment, we can determine the exact causes of your weight gain or inability to keep weight off and design an optimized treatment plan. Our physician is trained in weight loss to ensure maximum results and safety.

We use advanced measuring tools, such as BodyMetrix ultrasound, to determine the precise location of fat deposits in your body, allowing us to target areas for weight loss, and precisely measure and monitor your progress. As well, we use a pH test to determine your body’s acidity, we do a personality test to determine potential sticking points with cravings and we do an allergy test to ensure your micro biome is not being adversely affected. Extensive meal planning specifically designed for your body type and customized take-home meals made fresh with organic foods will also help to manage your diet.

Results with Ageless Weight Loss System:

  • Treatment Types Dietary, hormone balancing
  • Treatment Duration 45 minutes
  • Post Treatment Calm, mild discomfort
  • Treatment Intervals Weekly
  • Expect Results 2 months
  • Results Long lasting

Available at the following locations

Individual & Group Nutrition Programs

The individual and group nutrition programs that we offer are always attentive to your needs and goals. Group nutrition and weight loss programs allow for mutual support and accountability between a finite number of selected individuals, at a lower rate than private programs. Exclusive presentations, themed discussions and meal plans are also offered as part of the group programs.

As part of our private individual consultations and programs, our nutritionist supports you every step of the way with assured follow-ups and personalized protocols that are catered uniquely to you, your needs and your life. Several bases are covered together, including but not limited to diet, elimination of anti-nutrients, daily routine, exercise and activity, finding enjoyment, healthy relationships and environments, sleep, stress management and fitness goals. Need we say more?

Alongside these specially adapted services, Ageless Living also offers beneficial adjunct treatments such as the BodyMetrix Ultrasound to measure your body mass and fat composition, fresh juice packages, discounts on services and items within Ageless Living, personalized meal plans, prepared café meals and detailed handouts to take home. We cover all the bases to ensure success!

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