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Your Highest Health Self

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 It’s within your reach.  

To embrace whole health means to understand the mind, body, and spirit as a single unit. If one of the ingredients is missing, it’s like sitting on a three-legged chair. 

In my experience, when you bring yourself fully to the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of exercise, it transcends the act itself and lets you calm the stresses of daily life. One of my life goals is to reach for my highest health self, and as I’ve worked toward this challenge, a natural pattern has emerged. Training as an internationally competitive athlete, I learned that discipline trumps motivation, and that self-love is necessary to avoid falling victim to guilt, frustration, and lack of expected results. Having a set schedule prompts your self-care and dietary needs provides workability for your lifestyle and enables your commitments and goals to align with whole health and longevity.   



I believe that part of my role as a personal trainer is to discover what really matters to people and to help clients connect their goals to their true selves. Through coaching, I help my clients discover that they are in control and are bigger than the obstacles that challenge and limit them to only the things they can see. 

We require a clear understanding of what the body needs to function at a high level of health. This could mean better nutrition, a personal trainer to get you started, or a good relationship with a naturopath, especially during the beginning stages of your health journey. Along the way, we need to confront the obstacles that we perceive as being in our way:  

Busy. Busy has become the vernacular that defines a good employee, mother, entrepreneur, and more. However, unfocused busyness is killing us. Stillness and meditation quiet the mind and body. A quiet mind is nimble and sharp, and easily turns corners and has new experiences.   

Sleepy. Sleep is not overrated! A restful sleep requires good nutrition, exercise, and balanced cortisol hormones.  

Hungry. If you are not eating well and feeding your body the nutrients it is hungry for, you put your body in a state of restlessness.  

Imbalanced. As we age, our hormone levels decline, which can make achieving goals such as weight loss and vitality difficult. Having your hormone health checked by a trained professional can help you achieve your highest health self.  



 We live in busy times. Hardly a minute goes by when we are not connected to some communication or task. This level of engagement was not present when our bodies were designed, and it’s my belief that we need to simplify if we want to feel a mind-body-spirit connection.  

People who have good emotional health are very aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They have learned to cope with stress in a positive way and they have a healthy relationship with their inner selves. The body responds to how you act, feel, and think. For example, your emotions can directly raise your blood pressure. Expressing your feelings can help with strong emotional health. Find a friend or skilled expert to listen. Practicing gratitude daily is an amazing way to help live a balanced life. Recognize people, accomplishments, yourself, and your surroundings, and focus your mind on the feeling of gratitude.  

 Your passions and hobbies can help you be more aware of your inner self and connect with yourself emotionally. In my artwork, vivid colours and shapes evoke a strong sense of emotion. I am currently focusing on abstract energy art, with more room to express freedom. I can begin to understand life through art and explore hidden truths. Whether I’m sculpting bodies or creating art, my creative side is always thirsty for more balance, which ensures a joyful and healthy life.  

Start slowly and incorporate these tips and practices into your life one by one. Over time, you will find that achieving your highest health self is well within your grasp. You can do this—there is absolutely nothing to stop you.  



  1. Be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself the way you would support a friend.  
  2. Be gratefulThink about the many positive things in your life and practice gratitude.  
  3. Rest, recover, rejuvenate. Sleep enough to restore your balance.  
  4. Breathe. Learn to breathe deeply through stress and challenges. 
  5. Smile. Smile more because its free and feels great! 
  6. Eat organic. Eat organic whole foods whenever possible and grow your own if you can!  
  7. Exercise every day. Whether it’s a walk, swim, or weights, move your body to stay in balance. 
  8. Do more of what you loveFind a passion and do more of it!  
  9. Spend more time with the people you loveNothing could be more important.  
  10. Connect with natureThe healing properties of nature are powerful for mind, body, and spirit. 
  11. Eat your greens. Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables. 
  12. Be still. Still your mind with yoga or meditation. 
  13. Hydrate. Drink plenty of fresh clean water daily. 


To maintain her spiritual health, Sandra lives her life with authenticity and connection to her highest health self. In her daily life, she can be found walking her dogs by the seaside or deeply immersed in her energy art. Being an artist has allowed Sandra’s passion for beauty and colour to emerge in art that is often displayed in galleries. View her artwork at and learn about her personal training programs at  



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