Collaborative care.

The brainchild of pharmacist and physician (MD) founders, Ageless blends the best of traditional medicine with groundbreaking wellness therapies, taking your health to the next level.

Ageless_Living_Feature_Team-JP Michael Forbes, BSc Pharm Dr. Jean Paul Lim, MD, FRCPC

What's the process?

Step 1: 360° health.

Finally, a whole-health approach that digs deeper than your symptoms.

Connect with a health coach.

Discuss your goals and kick-start your plan. An Ageless health coach will guide you through your intake questionnaires, assess your health baseline and schedule your Ageless team visits.

Step 2: Meet with a physician (MD).

Evaluate your starting place and boost your wellbeing. An Ageless doctor will review your medical history, conduct a risk analysis and clarify your path — including any tests you’ll need and why they’re right for you.

Step 3: Partner with a nutritionist.

Fuel your body and power up your system. An Ageless nutritionist will meet with you and our MD to target nutrient-rich foods and eating habits tailored to your treatment plan.

Step 4: Talk with a pharmacist.

Access pharmacy services and answer your questions. An Ageless pharmacist will walk you through your medications and the options that best suit your lifestyle.

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