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Your weight is a direct function of your diet and metabolism.

A combined high fat and high carbohydrate diet (the typical North American diet) is harmful to your body; it leads to inflammation which underpins most of our chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, joint pains, etc.

Our body is not made to manage the persistent consumption of large amounts of refined carbohydrates in the presence of a large amount of fat.

As a result of this diet and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the rates of chronic physical and mental illnesses and pain are increasing. There is too much stress, too little sleep, and too many chemicals in our environment and our foods, all combined with our poor lifestyle choices. Our bodies need positive change!

What makes Ageless Living different?

Some of the worst advice you can give someone struggling with weight is to try a fad diet like the “keto diet”. Excessive weight is often a symptom of an underlying problem.  Many who have tried “dieting” at some point will tell you that they regain all the weight they lost, and sometimes even more, once the dieting period is done.  Why?  It is because the program did not address the underlying issues that lead to the weight.  They are simply a bandage.  To regain your health and well-being, and lose weight, begins when you correct the cause – your gut microbiome, your metabolism, your mental health, and your hormones.

At Ageless Living, our physician-supervised Health Weight program approaches your weight concerns on an individual, holistic, basis. From your initial consultation and hormone testing, as well as your nutrition and diet assessment, we can develop a comprehensive plan to help you attain your Health Weight and keep it off.  Our program is unique and medically-based to ensure maximum results and safety.

Available at Ageless Living Victoria & Langley.

What is Health Weight?

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