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Hormone Balancing: How Does It Work?

Doctor explaining how Hormone-Balancing-works

Hormone balancing procedures can play an important role in the temple’s upkeep and using bioidentical hormones, which are structurally identical to what your body makes rather than synthetic or from an animal, ensures your body’s functioning is optimized. Though we might not be able to see hormones the way that we can see our hair, eyes, or skin, we can see their effects as clear as day. Our bodies use hormones as chemical messengers between various organs and processes, but, like everything else in our bodies, as we get older those processes don’t always work the way that we’d like them to (or the way they did when we were young).

Take the stress hormone cortisol as an example. Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland as a response to stress or danger. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, respiration—all important aspects of our body’s natural fight or flight response. However, an overabundance of cortisol can have very negative effects on the body, including the development of ulcers, increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart attacks, fluctuating mood and impaired sleep. Basically, every symptom of being overly stressed. Lack of sleep can in turn affect the production of other hormones, like melatonin, which can turn a sleep issue into a sleep disorder, and disordered sleep can cause the whole temple to come crashing down.

Doctor explaining how Hormone-Balancing-works

Hormone Balancing: Age effortlessly

We all want to age effortlessly, but as anyone who’s aged will probably tell you, there’s no such thing…or is there?

Hormone Balancing is designed to address the effects of these imbalances. Hormone levels are measured to check for problematically high or low levels of any hormones, effectively analyzing what’s known as the hormone cascade, to examine how, and more importantly why, an imbalance is affecting the rest of the body the way that it is, and how best to treat it. Hormone Balancing is quite literally the process of making small, incremental changes that help the body reset and achieve its natural state of equilibrium.

Ageless Living’s Hormone Balancing treatments combine physicians and nutritionists to explore lifestyle and procedural changes that can help alleviate the effects of hormonal imbalances, and ensure that the root causes of the imbalances are treated efficiently and effectively. Each treatment is designed specifically to suit each individual client’s needs and specific hormone profile, so that clients can be guaranteed the highest level of personalized care.

Are you ready to discover your best self? Learn more about hormone balancing treatments.

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