Gut Microbes May Lead to Therapies for Mental Illness

Summary: The gut microbiome has previously been linked to some neurological and psychological disorders. Now, researchers are investigating whether utilizing microbes from the gut could potentially treat those suffering from depression and other mental health disorders. Source: UT Southwestern The role of the microbiome in intestinal and systemic health has garnered close attention among researchers for many […]

Longevity and the emerging industry focused on healthy ageing

Middle East Health speaks to Anastasia Lit, Director of Investor Relations and Business Development – Europe & MENA, Deep Knowledge Group, about longevity and the emerging industry focused on healthy ageing. Can you explain what the longevity sector is and what is its potential impact? Anastasia Lit: Human longevity is an emerging industry focused on healthy ageing. […]

The allure of everlasting existence

The allure of everlasting existence Have you ever desired to live forever? Or maybe just 200 more years? The concept of immortality has been around as long as people have been alive. Without getting too philosophical, there is some debate on what immortality actually means. Some believe eternal existence means that our conscious brains live on past the deterioration […]

What is longevity and how can I improve it with lifestyle changes?

Longevity, or living for longer than the average life expectancy, is determined by different genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. The longevity industry is an exciting field that is discovering new, innovative ways to delay aging and protect against age-related diseases. Until then, there are several steps you can take towards a longevity lifestyle. What is longevity? Longevity […]

Longevity – A New Culture Of Health

Living Longer & Healthier Lives – The Quintessence of LongevityThe older we get, the more age-related diseases occur.[1] Longevity products, technologies and services aim to reduce and prevent these diseases from occurring in the first place – according to the motto “slow down aging”.Why is the Longevity theme gaining momentum?1) A new (preventive & self-determined) health […]